For Owners

Happy days Holiday Homes rental LLC is a full service vacation management company, handling every step with our multi-channel marketing, full-time customer service and trained maintenance and housekeeping team. You can rest easy – knowing your home is in expert hands. We are one of the reputable holiday homes operators and property and rental management companies officially licensed by DTCM (Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing) in Dubai. Our team can help you to increase your return on investment by transforming your property into a holiday home (apartment or villa) that will be perfect for short-term leases in Dubai.

We Manage Your Property While Maximising Your Profits

Dubai has already welcomed even more travelers from all across the globe. It is one of the safest places and boasts an extravagant shopping experience, advanced architecture and a vibrant nightlife. The aim is to increase the number of international guests to 20 million by 2020. These impressive numbers clearly show the potential of vacation rentals in Dubai. Not only will we take care of everything, but you will make more money. If you’ve been renting your property in the past, we promise that you’ll make more money with us.

Furnishing Your Holiday Home

Furnishing your apartment to meet the tastes and requirements of your guests is key. For example, some guests will be more interested in holiday apartments in Dubai Marina, while others will prefer something different (like a peace and tranquility of the Palm Jumeirah).
We are a licensed operator in Dubai that will help you to get your vacation home ready for holiday rentals. Our professional team will help you with furnishing your properties as holiday homes so that the decor echoes the location.

Receiving Payments On Time

We  will every month pay you all your rental profits that you earned the previous month with your vacation rentals. We will never delay your payment. Also, you can rest assured that we will never offer you excuses regarding the precise balance you should receive. Payments are made on a monthly basis. It is always on time. So, you can rest assured.

Pricing Your Property

When you use effective pricing strategies, you can reap all the financial benefits. If you want to be successful, you will need to be familiar with the price that your competition is charging. You will also need to know about the different pricing options available on different platforms.

Securing Your Property as Holiday Home

Insurance for your Property

Our professionals will advise you at all times ensure that the necessary by-law insurance is in place. This insurance shall cover both third-party and liability insurance. On top of that, we strongly advise that you get extra insurance policies such as rental insurance, landlord insurance and contents and individual home insurance. These additional insurance policies will take care of instances when your property, building or items inside your property get damaged.

Safety equipment

It is always better to prevent accidents from occurring in the first place. Therefore, our expert team is extra cautious and will see to it that safety gear is installed prior to leasing your holiday home/apartment.

We always recommend installing safety equipment such as:

• carbon monoxide detectors
• fire extinguishers
• smoke detectors
• first aid kits
• safe-deposit boxes
• locks/chains on the doors.

Apart from ensuring your place is safe, another advantage is that you can mention all these safety features to your potential guests. After all, some of your guests will not be familiar with staying in a totally safe place like the residents of Dubai are. Your guests will be exceedingly grateful for a small feature such as a safe-deposit box.

In actual fact, certain guests specifically look for short-term holiday rentals that can offer them these safety features.

Security deposit

A security deposit is frequently the fastest and simplest manner to prevent guests damaging your property. Though, if you ask a security deposit that is too much, certain guests could potentially be discouraged to rent your holiday apartment. To ensure that we charge just the right amount, our team conducts research on similar listings in the area to ascertain how much your competition is asking for security deposits.


To screen your potential guests thoroughly is one of the best ways to protect your vacation home against possible problems. Our expert team makes use of all the info that is at hand to ascertain if the booking is one that we would want to accept. When you screen potential guests, identification should be verified.  This verified information should give you a better idea of whom you are in reality interacting with. If a potential guest does not have various forms of validated ID, our team will ask such a guest extra questions in order to get the same guarantee that the various forms of verified ID would have provided.


Before accepting a booking, our team also takes a closer look at the potential guest’s references and reviews. Although a reference is not difficult to get and can be influenced, it does provide useful info regarding the character of the guest. Reviews that the other hosts post on booking sites are extremely helpful. As soon as we spot a review that mentions loud music, parties or the police, the request is rejected at once.

FAQ owners

How much will I have to pay for your service?

There are no listing fees or costs that need to be paid beforehand. We charges competitive rate which includes A to Z services on the bookings that we make for you, depending on the length of your contract and other factors. Get in touch with us today to get more details. We also offer a full service property management program for long-term rentals. If you would like to receive additional info and a quote for our management services, please contact us at +97144329560.

What will property Owners receive?

We will meet you at your place, offer an assessment and talk about a possible price you can charge for renting your property. We will also be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have.

We will take professional photos of your property and create your listing on all our different sites.

  • You can rest assured. We will be completely responsible for taking care of the guests.
  • We will take care of all the financial transactions and will keep the money in a trust.
  • We will ensure that we collect the damage deposits for all your bookings

What Is included in full property Management service?

  • We will organize and oversee any maintenance problem till it has been completely resolved.
  • We will ensure that all consumable items and important supplies are replaced.
  • We will offer a personal check-in service and will walk through the property with guests when they arrive.
  • When the guests leave, we will inspect the property.

What will be the rental price that I charge for my property be?

Every property is unique. Factors like facilities, location as well as how your holiday home is furnished will influence the rental price. Please contact us  if you require an estimate. One of our market experts will be more than happy to assist you.

What are my Property Owner responsibilities?

  • You will be responsible for ensuring that your property is completely furnished. The items should be of a good quality, clean and hard-wearing.
  • You will ensure that every personal item, such as family photos and clothing, is removed and stored somewhere.
  • You will be responsible for paying the utility charges and community service punctually.

What is our responsibility?

  • Market and advertise your property to suitable adults who are older than 21 as well as families and executives (corporate rentals).
  • Screen the guests beforehand via a phone call to make sure that they are part of the target group.
  • Develop and maintain a website for every individual property that includes photos, descriptions, info regarding the pricing and availability.
  • Visit your place to take professional, high-quality photos.
  • Take care of the bookings by applying the rental prices that appear in the contract and offer any specials approved by the owner.
  • Take care of the communication pertaining to the booking and all client relations.
  • Collect the money as well as taxes that are required by the Dubai government and submit it to the DTCM.
  • Validate and gather all the documentation required and send these to the DTCM.
  • Collect the damage deposit before any guest checks in and after the property has been inspected for damage, we will ensure that the deposit is returned to the guests when they check out.
  • Be there in person when the guests check in or check out.
  • Be available to answer any questions and take care of any issues during the guests’ stay.
  • Ensure the property owner receives the payment as per the time period stipulated in the contract.

We will supply a schedule of supplies and you will be responsible to ensure that your place has all the items as required.